tesa® Softprint 52816 SEC

tesa® Softprint 52816 Secure

Plate mounting tape for photopolymer plates in flexographic printing

  • Foam Properties: Low thickness tolerance. Long lasting, constant recovery characteristics.
  • Adhesive Properties: Low tack surface characteristics. Strong adhesion on both sides. Solvent resistance.
  • Additional Properties: Structured PP liner. Logo color indicates foam hardness.

Product description

Double-coated foam tape

Main applications

Mounting of 1.14 mm (0.45‘‘) and 1.70 mm (0.067‘‘) thickness, PET backing, flexographic printing plates onto steel / alu / PU and glassine cylinders and sleeves.

Technical properties

Type of adhesive tackified acrylic
Type of liner PP
Hardness medium
Total thickness 430 µm
Backing material PE foam with film lamination
Thickness category 380
Logo color purple

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